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    Kutlug Ataman. Küba/Paradise
    Leasehold – Mao Tongqiang Solo Exhibition
    FounderType Chinese Type Design Competition
    Workshop Achievements Exhibition
    Lead Up -The Exhibition of the Chinese Fine Arts Critics’ Nominations ...
    3+3Artist Group Exhibition
    Ron Arad: No Discipline

 The committee

· The Regulation of SPCC
· The Treaty of Chinese sculptor
· Sculpture Conventions
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  Exhibitions online more
  Exhibitions online more
Shanxi Huo Qubing tomb sculptures [3-12]
The Qin Terra Cotta Warriors [3-12]
Wangfujing Sculpture Exhibition-olympic spirit [3-12]
Sculpture Exhibition Arts and Sciences [3-12]
Datong Yungang Grottoes carved appreciate [3-12]
Outdoor Public Art [3-12]
Beijing city sculpture 2 [3-12]
Beijing city sculpture 1 [3-12]
Shanghai city public art [3-12]
Shanghai city public art -Changshou park sculpture [3-12]
Beijing city public art -Modern atheneum sculpture [3-12]
Beijing city public art-sculpture of park [3-12]

 Chinese Sculpture Magazine

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Gotz donaghy
Emin Petrosyan
Novikov Andrey
Novikov Andrey
Michele Valenza
Kamal Almualem
Valeriu Ciumacu
Bharat Singh
Larissa Smagarinsky
Dina Merhav
Beata Rostas
Brett Davis
Kitago Satoru

 Activities of SPCC

· Harmonious but Diversed Exhibition
· Pan-Sculpture Art Expo''2007
· China Carving Art Festival
Exhibitions of SPCC more
Return To Indoors Exhibition
2009 Chinese International Sculpture Almanac
"Harmonious but Diverse"in Northwest China1
"Harmonious but Diverse"1
9st China Carving Art Festival in Guangrao 2008
8st China Carving Art Festival in Baoan 2007
7st China Carving Art Festival in Huian 2006
4st China Carving Art Festival in Dongyang 2002
3st China Carving Art Festival in Huian 2002
2st China Carving Art Festival in Huian 2000
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