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4期 of 2009year
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14-15 sorted out by Chen Xing:Editor's note:“Inherit the Past and Build the Future” and “Renaissance of Arts and Crafts” are the last two of the four seminars of 2009 China International Sculpture Almanac Exhibition. The participating experts probe deep into some of the focal problems such as the inheritance and development of artistic creation, the spirit of arts and crafts, and the features of the renaissance. Since they think from different angels and hold different views, there must be dispute and highlight which makes it an academic seminar of substantial sense.

46-47 by Zhong Ru:Editor's note: Taiwan's potter Li Maozong is the earliest one of modern potters in China. His works of modern ceramic art combines the concept of modern Western art and artistic conception of Chinese traditional arts. For decades, he walked around China and the United States, and organized academic activities actively,which played a catalytic role to the development of Chinese modern ceramics.

52-53 by Meng Jia:Editor's note: “The present circumstances and development of art media ” is such a broad subject that it is not only closely related to the art market but also is concerned with art theory, aesthetics, mass communication, media industry and modern marketing management. To investigate the problems more effectively, the subject of “Focus On Present” is confined to the range of national art magazines. Editor Shang Yurong of “Muse Art”, editor Yang Juan of “Critics”, director Yueluan of “Gallery” Beijing Office, journalist Duan Zelin of “China Culture Newspaper”, Journalist Hu
Zhaocai of former “Art Finance and Economics”, deputy editor-in-chief Song Weiguang of “Sculpture Magazine, managing editor Peng Yue of the “Sculpture on Line” website, to name a few, are specially invited to participate in the discussion.

58-59 by Fan Weimin:Editor's note: The essence of the inheritance and development of art is the cognition of “preservation” and “change”, while the discussion of the renaissance of arts and crafts is actually the study of the development and original spirit of handicrafted and industrial art. “Three Subjects on Contemporary Art”, “The Survival for the Fittest and the Survival for the Recognized” and “Thoughts on the Renaissance of Arts and Crafts” grasp the key point of the above subjects. These articles are not only highly theoretical critics, but are also topics discussed in “2009 China International Sculpture Almanac Exhibition”.

64-65 by Wang Tiecheng:Abstract: As an artistic form, traditional Chinese kneading ceramics art shows its own unique characteristics. With a natural origin, kneading ceramics is born with genuineness and simplicity, which represents the basic aesthetic quality adored by orient art. The special materials and processing technique reserve the morphological features and aesthetic disposition of that time unconsciously that added artistic charm to the ceramic
kneading. Key Words:kneading ceramics, artistic from, aesthetic features

66-67 by Pan Youlong:Abstract: Gloomy wood is regarded as the treasures of the town house, and is a Royal exclusive material in Ming and Qing Dynasties.The formation of gloomy wood to go through thousands of years and even years, it is not easy renewable,so is especially valuable. In this paper, the sculptor of the gloomy wood art is familiar with the forms of the material, take full advantage of the unique characteristics of gloomy wood, create a high degree of integration between nature and human into the works,which have ornamental and collectible value.
Key Words:Gloomy wood,Material selection based on skills,Carving  value

68-69 by Ai Yongsheng:Abstract: The stone sculpture of Ming Dynasty’s Mausoleum is one of the important parts of sculpture arts in the traditional culture of China.It has not only higher historical value but also artistic value.And it always twinkles artistic brilliance to the ancient culture.The stone sculpture exlains the viewpoints of the world and the power in the Chinese feudal society,which is of great research value to the present city development and cultural protection.
Key Words:Mausoleum,Ming Dynasty’s Mausoleum,sculpture,stone sculpture,protection and development

70-71 by Yu Songtao:Abstract: This paper reviews the achievements of planning,management and construction of Changchun urban sculptures,proposes a blueprint of future urban development,and formulates some supporting measures for current and future sculpture construction based on the actual economic and social development of  Changchun.
Key Words:Changchun,urban sculpture,current development situation,future proposition,supporting measures

72-73 by Guo Yanan,Gaohuayun:Abstract: Since 1990s,many new changes have emerged into the field of sculpture modeling,which has derived in new modeling
categaries like cartoon and animation creatures contouring.With sharp-cut exaggeration and intense aesthetic perception,this kind of modeling is different
from the traditional sculpture in the aspect of creative technique and asethetic mode.Taking from the view of sculpture modeling language,this paper studies
 and analyzes the relationship between the three-dimentional contouring of cartoon and animation creatures and sculpture,and it also probes into the
application and potential of sculpture modeling language in this field.
Key Words:sculpture modeling language,three-dimensional contouring of cartoon and animation creature

74-75 by Liu Haifeng:Abstract: With the development of economy ,people's life level is growing,and aesthetic standards starts to be varied.Meanwhile,the art
 market gradually to be being perfected,and the pop culture,which has been taking place of the traditional culture,comes to be the main body of contemporary
 culture.Cartoon,as a special art expressing art way,has gradually become the culture carrier and new forms of art loved by people.The inherent
spirits(criticizing) and aesthetic thinking logic(mocking) of cartoon art expression has been deeply influecing other art way's manifestation.Cartoon
sculpture,as one showing way of caricature,combines its inherent aesthetic effect into sculpture shapes to strongly reflect its characteristics of amusing,
criticizing and satirizing.
Key Words:Cartoon sculpture,  charm,  realistic function,  pop art , characteristics of comedy,  characteristics of satirizing ,characteristics
of criticizing , amusing spirit,

76-77 Editor's note: the professor Wu Weishan advocate "Image" sculpture,how does he seep the humanities ideal and the  artistic spirit in training doctor's
 or master's degrees of sculpture, and how does he change the  "Image" idea into the concrete ways of teaching to inherit and develop the Chinese traditional
  cultural of "image".Requests by the reader, we invited Mr. Wu to carry on converse.


04 Silent Dialogues of Sculptures at the West Lake beside the Bank of the South Yantze
       River/by Chu Ge
10  Aesthetic Separation of the Sculpture—The Impression of Sculptures in the 11th
       National Fine Art Exhibition/by Teng Xiaosong
12  Urumqi Succeeds in Holding the International Urban Sculpture Symposium/by our reporter
13   Bin Zhou National Urban Sculpture Exhibition /by our reporter
14  The China Impetus 2009 Chinese International Sculpture Almanac Exhibition—
   Inherit the past and Build the Future Seminar /sorted out by Chen Xing
19  The China Impetus 2009 Chinese International Sculpture Almanac Exhibition—
   The Renaissance of the Arts and Crafts Seminar/sorted out by Peng Yue
24  A Bumper Harvest Summer—2009 China National Graduates' Outstanding
        Sculptures online Exhibition/by Peng Yue
26  The Fifth Space—Fiber and Space Art/by Long Xiang
30  The Poet is Wandering and Singing—The Creations of Sculptor Jiang Tieli/by li Zhongru
34  The Spirit of the Figures—The Recreation of the Shiwan Figures/by Wei Hua
38  Chao Brothers  40  Liu Jianbin  41 Zhao Junan  42 Wu Yaohui
44  The Value of the Yellow River Iron Ox/by Wu Weishan
46  The Modern Survival of Road about Zen' and Tao' -The Creations of Taiwan's
       Potter Li Maozong/by Zhong Ru
48  The Early Taorism Sculptures in American Collection/by Li Song
53  The Present Circumstances and Development of National Art Magazines/sorted by Meng Jia  
58  This issue's theme:
The Inheritance and Development of Art and the Renaissance of the Spirit of Arts and Crafts
About Arts and Crafts Renaissance/by Fan Weimin   58  Three Subjects on 慚odernism?of Contemporary

Sculpture/by Deng Pingxiang  
59  The Survival for the Fittest and the Survival for the Recognized/by Ren Shimin  
60  Thoughts on the Renaissance of Arts and Crafts/by Wei Guang  
62  Inherit the Past and Build the Future's is Becoming the Trend/by Han Xiaonan  
63  How does the Contemporary Art being under the Transcending Bounds and Conception/by Wang

64  Aesthetic Features of Traditional Chinese Kneading Ceramics Art/by Wang Tiecheng
66  Discussion the Value of Gloomy Wood Carving Based on the Materials/by Pan Youlong
68  On the Artist Value of Stone Sculpture of Ming Dynasty's  Mausoleum/by Ai Yongsheng
70  Current Development Situation of Changchun Urban Sculpture Construction and
       Future Proposition on Urban Sculpture Construction/by Yu Songtao
72  The Role Sculpture Modeling Language Plays in the Field of Three-dimensional
       Contouring of Cartoon and Animation Creatures/by Guo Yanan,Gao huayun
74  The Charm of Cartoon Sculpture/by Liu Haifeng
76   Sculpture Department of Fine Arts Academy of Nanjing University/by Wei Shan
80  My "Chinese Standard"/by Li Chunhua
84  Vision for Non-pure Art/by Weng Jianqing
86   YuDa's Road towards Cultural Industrialisation,Harmony/by Wang Mengjia
88  Human Comedy—The Masks and Dolls of Yildiz Guner /by Sui Xi
90  New World in Abstract—Reflection of Rob Ward's  Arts/by Mu Muxi
94  The Sculpture Park in Primitive Ecosystem—Thoughts on the Pyramid Hill Sculp
       ture Park and Museum in Cincinnati, USA/by He Zhenhai

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