The Treaty of Chinese sculptor
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The Treaty of Chinese sculptor

In order to promote Chinese sculpture enterprise, maintain the sculptor and client's rights, we setup the criterion of Chinese sculpture enterprise. In line with honest, the credit, and the responsibility for the society, we achieves the treaty as follows:

 (1) When participates in the design of sculpture, sculptor must in line with the responsibility for the people, the history, the art and client, thus the sculptor must work earnestly.

 (2) The sculptor has the right of maintain the individuality of his work.

 (3) The sculptor has the freedom to choose the way of cooperation: request creation, the public tender or the invitation tender. And he must stick to the principle of fair, the fair.

(4) When cooperate with others, the sculptor must in line with honest and credit.

The sculptor needs to maintain the bilateral right benefit, and the fame of Chinese sculpture enterprise.

(5) The sculptor should respect each other, never destroy the personality and the prestige of the people in the same business, respects other artist's work, never offend other's copyright.

(6) The sculptor has the duty of maintenance the other's rights and interests who are in the same business, when anyone discoverers the rights and interests of the people who work in the same business are destroyed, he has to inform the person swiftly.

(7) The sculptor has the duty of supporting other sculptor, and offers the help to the one in need.

(8) The sculptor must comply to the law of contract, the law of tender, the law of copyright and relevant laws and regulations; At the same time, the sculptor must protect the copyright of the works, and comply with the worldwide basis treaty.

(9) When fulfills bargains or in the procedure of tender, the sculptor should rely on the committee.

(10) When taking part in the bid, the manufacture as well as participation sculpture related business in China , the sculptor signing a treaty with the committee should obey the treaty and being protected by the treaty.

(11) This treaty becomes effective from 1, October, 2000, and it will be consummated unceasingly in the future.

(12) This treaty was initiated by the first signed sculptors. The committee takes charge for the explanation the details, founding related department, sets up the corresponding organization, formulating each details of implementation of the treaty.

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