SPCC Introduction
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  The Sculpture Professional Committee of China(SPCC) was founded by China Crafts and Arts Society on 2oth March, 1991.It is a nonprofit organization which aims to research the sculpture art theory, accelerate artistic intercommunication in and outside China, promote the traditional and contemporary sculpture art and protect the sculptors' profits. It has about 1500 members which include famous sculptors, masters of crafts and arts, young outstanding sculptors, sculpture companies and so on. Mr. Shaowu Qian and Meilin Han are the honorary presidents of the committee. Now, Mr. Shangxi Zhu is the president, and Mr. Weimin Fan is the executive president.

  SPCC holds several activities every year such as “China Carving Art Fair”, “National outstanding Graduates’ Sculptures Exhibition”, “China Sculpture Forum”, sculpture exhibition, sculpture symposium, art investigation, etc. It also publishes Chinese “SCULPTURE” magazine bio-monthly. The Chinese “SCULPTURE” magazine has been started since 1995. It is the only one professional magazine of sculpture in China and even in the Asia now, and has been given the honor of “the National One Hundred Kinds of Key Periodicals Prize” in 2003 by the Chinese News and Publications Administration. It contains columns of criticisms, art information, sculptors’ studio, landscape, public arts, artwork market, exploration of new materials and techniques, commissions, exhibition opportunities for sculptors, and so on. SPCC also has “news bullets” and website

  The oversea member of the SPCC could enjoy several profits:
  1/ has the priority of participating the activities held by the SPCC.
  2/be given one free user name and password for reading Chinese “SCULPTURE” magazine on line.(6 formal magazine and 2 supplement magazine in special theme every year)
  3/enjoy the same advertisement discounts in Chinese “SCULPTURE” magazine as the Chinese member, and enjoy 10% discounts when he buy the products from SPCC such as magazine, art catalogue, almanac, and so on. (If he pays for 2 years’ member fees directly, he could enjoy 15% discounts. If he pays for 3 years’ member fees directly, he could enjoy 20% discounts.)
  4/be shown on the official website: Will receive the “news bullets” with sculpture information in China, and also has the priority to publish his/her information on it.
  5/be assisted by the SPCC if he wants to hold solo show in China. 
  The oversea members need to abide the following rules:
  1/ pay for the annual fee on time, $100 every year.
  2/ support the activities of the SPCC, maintain the credibility of SPCC. Improve the communication of international members.
  3/pay for the member certification fee, $20.(this fee happens when the member firstly participate into SPCC or need to Change the certification)
  To be the member of the SPCC, sculptor needs to submit 5 works’ photos, a brief statement of his art works and the application form with his resume. The auditing time will last for 3 month, and all the application documents need to be past by a jury group. The office of the SPCC will check the qualifications of the members every 3 yeas. The official email box of SPCC is linkman is Ms. Mengjia.

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