Shanxi Huo Qubing tomb sculptures
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Huo mass graves of the famous Han Chinese. Xingping County in Shaanxi Province, 15 kilometers of NATO. Huo Qubing (BC 140 ~ before the 117) Hedong Binh Duong (now the south-west of Linfen, Shanxi) people. Rose to the rank of General riding big Sima Biao, Feng Hou title. 18-year-old led troops fighting, he has six times to send troops beyond the Great Wall, to obtain victory, opened the Hexi Corridor. Yuanshou six years (BC 117) had died, Han Dynasty to commemorate his military exploits, in the northeast for the construction of large-scale Maoling tombs shaped like Qilian. Fief on the stacked stone, the tomb of pre-Shiren, Shi Shou, etc.. 1961 The People''s Republic of China State Council promulgated a national key cultural relics protection units.
    Huo Qubing mass graves of the bottom of the north-south length 105 meters east to west and 73 meters wide. Top of the north-south length 15 meters from east to west 8 m wide, mound about 25 meters high. Tomb stone the existing 16. Identifiable biological or 14, including three each carved two-shaped, a total of 17 bio-physical; different physical image 12 categories. Namely, Frankenstein, monsters Chi Yang, wau, people adopt animals, lying pig, Prancing Horse, "Horse riding Huns", lying horse, tiger crouching, lying like a short mouth fish, long-mouth fish, otter, bats, left Sagong Stele Stele and plains. Stone By Stone to be shaped, a little carving, manipulation concise and prominent personality, style, simple and honest, is the earliest existing times, save the most complete group of large stone carving art treasures. The "horse riding Huns" as the tomb stone of the main image, 1.9 meters long, 1.68 meters high, made of gray fine sand carving, stone Andrew Marton''s first standing, tail length mopping the floor, armed with bows and arrows carved dagger and a long belly to his back struggling the image of the Huns who is the most representative monuments of writers. This set of stone are used to a whole line of stone carving, sculpture in the round and reliefs carved way. Material selection and carving techniques and body with some focus on form, and some prominent expression, Xingshenjianbei. Then the performance of ferocious wild beasts, horses were watching the performance of leaps in front of cattle, as is manifested in gentle demeanor varied. Stele be inferred from the inscriptions, these stone carvings was on the left Sagong Shofu manufactured under the supervision. Purchase Shiren the forefront of the tomb, stone horses, stone elephants, tigers and other rock carvings, stone carvings on the tomb after the Chinese dynasties have a profound impact has been ages since the Han tomb stone art inherited.
   Huo Qubing tomb stone is not the total number of the original test, Ming Jiajing earthquake, some upside down, some were Yanmai. Before 1949, there were originally placed in the tomb 9, 1957 discovery 7.
Set in 1956, the tomb of Huo Qubing Maoling cultural relics preservation of the 1957 shift to an open-air stone placed in the tomb in the new Two Corridors. 1979 Maoling Maoling heritage management into the museum.







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