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2016 China • Putian International Sculpture Exhibition Call for Entries
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    To reveal the unique charm of Putian as a waterside city and its profound Mazu culture, promote international cultural and art exchanges, extend Putian’s influence at home and abroad, facilitate the development of its urban public space art, upgrade the urban culture, and create it a cultural brand with rich connotations and strong local characteristics, Putian Municipal People"s Government and Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Fujian Province have decided to launch the 2016 China • Putian International Sculpture Exhibition. Artists from all over the world are warmly invited to participate in the Exhibition.

    Ⅰ. The Organizers and Sponsors


    Putian Municipal People"s Government

    Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of  Fujian Province


    Putian Housing and Urban Bureau


    Putian Urban and Rural Planning Bureau 

    Department of Culture, Radio, Film, TV, Press and Publication of Putian

    Art Director:Shenghuang Lin

    The Organizing Committee of the 2016 China • Putian International Sculpture Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “The Organizing Committee”) is responsible for overall organization, coordination, contact and implementation.

    Ⅱ. Exhibition Theme

    The theme of the Sculpture Exhibition is " Hometown of Mazu, culture of Litchi City".

    Putian, with its ancient name of“Xinhua”,“Puyang” or “Puxian”, has a long history and splendid culture. Litchis are harvested in large quantities here in Putian, thus the city is also called “The Litchi City”. As a coastal newly-developing city, it is dubbed as a“seashore city” endowed with rich culture and literature. Also Putian has successively won the Top 100 Chinese City with great investment attraction, China’s best commercial city, national garden city, the city of footwear export base in China, the Chinese wood carving city, and has been awarded the National Model Green City. With the smooth development of the creation of the national civilized city, livable construction, ecological  construction and cultural construction have been further promoted, thus Putian will realize scientific and spanning development.

    Putian has been the cradle of China Mazu culture, and also a livable coastal city with rich culture and literature. In the past, the southward clans brought to it advanced production technology and culture from the central China, leading the city to a big economic and cultural leap, thus becoming the center of politics, economy and culture in the middle of Fujian Province; at present, relying on the belief that hard work rejuvenates the city, Putian stirs itself and has become one of the most dynamic region in the province; in the future, Putian will be a paradise for all the investors at home and abroad, a new growth pole of Fujian’s development and economic zone building in western coast of the Taiwan Straits, providing a cutting-edge platform for exchanges and cooperation between the people on both sides of the strait, and will play a more active role in connecting foreign countries and covering inland cities as a regional transportation hub on the southeast coast. In historical Puyang, an emerging port city, “Project 336” is being implemented so as to establish 3 hundred-billion pillar industries in new chemical material, food processing as well as arts and crafts sectors, cultivate 3 fifty-billion emerging industries of high-end equipment, health care, and electronic information, and promote 6 industrial parks, such as Shi Men Ao Industrial Park. On the journey of the new century, as the bases of advanced manufacturing and energy, the modern logistics center, the cultural tourism resort in the western coast of Taiwan Strait, Putian will make the first-class performance and will have a brilliant future. Sculpture, as a carrier of urban cultural heritage, is more able to reflect the rich culture of Putian and to show the XingHua people’s spirit of “enjoying adventure all over the world”.

    The participants should make a full interpretation of the Exhibition Theme " Hometown of Mazu, culture of Litchi City", so as to further improve the artistic quality of the urban public space in Putian.

    Ⅲ.Content of the Sculpture Exhibition:

    Exhibition Venue: 30 pieces of sculpture works will be exhibited in the main site Shouxi Park Area

    Exhibition Period: works will be permanently displayed in the public space around Shouxi Park. In order to help the prospect participants get a thorough understanding of local cultural characteristics of Putian city and field features of the main site around Shouxi Park, the Organizing Committee will open up a special column of the Sculpture Exhibition on the Main Webpage via its official website (http://www.ptjsj.gov.cn/) and some partnering websites. Please visit the official website (http://www.ptjsj.gov.cn/) for details.

    Ways of Participation: Artists from all over the world are warmly welcomed.

    Exhibition Scale: 30-40 pieces of outdoor landscape sculptures.

    Works Publication: all prize nominee works will be compiled and published in "Art Work Collections of the 2016 China· Putian International Sculpture Exhibition ".

    Ⅳ. Time of submission

    The call for entries for the Sculpture Exhibition will be officially launched on June 1st, 2016 (Beijing time), and entries must be submitted by August 31st, 2016 (Beijing time) (i.e. the time of emails sent or letters indicated by the postmark).

    Ⅴ.Requirements for entries

    Type: outdoor sculptures and landscape art works

    Size: 2-5 meters, necessary adjustments depending on the circumstances are allowed.

    Invitation coverage: all professional artists or art lovers worldwide are welcomed to participate in the Sculpture Exhibition individually or as a group, regardless of nationality, ethnic, age and gender.

    Invitation Form: both the forms of special invitation and wide-range solicitation will be adopted to welcome the artists all over the world.


    VI. Works Selection and Awards 

    a. Selection Procedures

    The entries will be selected and reviewed in two rounds. At the first round, 100 pieces of sculptures will be selected as the shortlists; at the second round, 45 of the 100 selected shortlists will be reviewed and selected as the excellent works; 5 more excellent works will be those from the specially invited experts and masters.

    1). the First Round of Selection

    At the first round of selection, paper works will be carefully filtered by the first round of the expert review group, including 9 experts in the field of sculpture and the related department, and the department heads in the Departments Directly under Province and City Government. Secret ballot will be applied to determine the top 100 shortlists based on the votes of the expert review group.

    100 pieces of sculptures selected by the Organizing Committee will be publicized on its official website for a 10-day public review in late September,2016. The Organizing Committee will determine the final acceptation after the public review.

    2). the Second Round of Selection

    At the second round of selection, finalized sample sculptures of the 100 shortlists will be carefully filtered by the second round of the expert review group, including 9 experts in the field of sculpture and the related department, and the department heads in the Departments Directly under Province and City Government. 45 pieces of excellent works and 5 pieces of masterpieces from the specially invited experts and masters will be reviewed and determined as the final prize-winning works

    b. Prizes and Awards:

    45 pieces of excellent works will be awarded: 60,000/piece*45 pieces = 2,700,000 RMB (including the cost of the finalized sample sculpture making)

    5 pieces of masterpieces will be awarded: 150,000/piece*5 pieces = 750,000 RMB (including the cost of the finalized sample sculpture making)

    55 pieces of shortlists will be awarded: 10,000/piece*55 pieces = 550,000 RMB (including the cost of the finalized sample sculpture making) 

    The prizes above cover the cost of the finalized sample sculpture making. Certificates of honor by Putian Municipal People"s Government will be awarded to all the prize winners, institutions or organizations. All the works and sample sculptures will be collected and stored up permanently in Putian. All costs expended throughout the process of design and submission and the taxes to be paid for the money awards received shall be on the entrants. 

    Ⅶ Processing and Producing of the Prize-winning Sculpture

    Combination of Centralized Producing and Finished Products’ Delivering

    a. Prize-winning Works from Sculptors of Overseas Countries   and China Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao Areas and Masterpieces

    The prize-winning sculptors from overseas countries   and China Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao Areas should come to Putian to process and produce their works on site. The sculptors are allowed to complete the production of their works within 40 days. The Organizing Committee will provide a round-trip ticket to the winning sculptors from their permanent residence to Fujian, the accommodation in Putian  and a certain amount of subsidies. Assisting workers,  volunteers (one interpreter and one specific majored worker for each sculptor), consumable materials, equipment and tools will also be provided. Bronze sculptures are required to  finish the real size mud models due to their complex process, while other sculptures (stone or stainless steel) must complete their final works within 40 days.

    b. Prize-winning Works from Sculptors in China Mainland

    The prize-winning sculptors from China mainland should deliver their finished works to Putian by themselves. They shall be responsible for the process and production, transportation and installation of their finished works by themselves. While the Organizing Committee will negotiate with the entrants on the processing costs and sign a contract to require them to submit the products within the specified time. The related organizations in Putian should be responsible for the completion of the bases of the works. 

    The Organizing Committee has the rights to publicize and promote the prize-winning works the Sculpture Exhibition permanently. The copyright and ownership of the prize-winning works in the Sculpture Exhibition belong to the Organizing Committee. Except the money for prizes (including subsides and costs of production) that other terms of this “Call for Entry”agree, the Organizing Committee will not pay any other costs like rewards or consideration to the winners.

    Ⅷ.  The Installation of the Winning Sculptures

    According to the rules set out by the Organizing Committee, all the installations and assembling of the prize-winning works shall be arranged by the Organizing Committee. In case  of special installation requirements, the author(or representative) can come to the site for guidance. All the installations will be finished on the last ten-day of September, 2017, and will be open to the public and the visitors home and abroad in November, 2017.

    Ⅸ Necessary Documents

    a. Registration Form (see Annex Ⅰ)

    All entrants shall download the Registration Form of 2016 China • Putian International Sculpture Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as“the Registration Form”, fill it out and submit it by the prescribed deadline. Please enclose it with two 2-inch color photos of the same version (recent photo within six months, for the record purpose and exhibition pass).

    b. Commitment Statement of Participators (see Annex II):

    All entrants shall submit a signed Commitment Statement of Participators of 2016 China • Putian International Sculpture Exhibition (hereinafter called to as“Commitment Statement”) together with their submissions; if the entrant is a legal entity, it should authorize a representative to sign and stamp the Statement on its behalf; if the entrant is a team, every natural person on the team shall sign the Commitment Statement.

    c. Design:

    All work designs for preliminary selection shall be submitted in the forms of electronic files and hard copies.

    1. The Paper Version: works submitted for preliminary selection shall be in the form of rendering or colored pictures with 1-3 photos taken from different angles of every work. Work design shall be printed in A4 paper, with the name of the work and creation description; unit of measurement in centimeter (cm); with no framing or binding. For the sake of fairness, author’s name, name of company or organization which the author represents or other information is not allowed to be indicated on the front of the works. Assembly works must contain clean and clear installation drawings. Every entrant may submit one or more works.

    2. The Electronic Version: the files of designs submitted in the form of electronic photos or pictures which shall be no less than 4MB for each.

    Ⅹ. Submission Requirements

    a. All work designs for preliminary selection shall be submitted in the forms of electronic files and hard copies. The electronic version shall be sent to the email address designated by the Organizing Committee; and the printed version shall be sent by mail (or by express) to the address designated by the Organizing Committee (freight collect is not allowed).

    b. The Organizing Committee will archive all submitted documents, which will not be returned. The artist is advised to copy or back up the documents on his/her own. Documents submitted beyond the deadline will not be accepted.

    c. The documents the entrant is required to submit include:

    (a) Registration Form;

    (b) Commitment Statement of Participators; 

    (c) Design. Submission without any of the three above will be disqualified for the Competition and rejected by the Organizing Committee.

    d. The Organizing Committee is entitled to evaluate the qualifications of the entrants. Entrants who is found disqualified or have made any false statement concerning his/her qualifications, the Organizing Committee is entitled to disqualify him/her or call back his/her prize without notice in any stage of the Exhibition.

    Ⅺ Contact Information

    a. Hotline (weekdays): 0594-79756820594-7975683 (9:00 A.M.-12:00 A.M., 3:00 P.M.-6:00 P.M.)

    b. Address for Registration Form, Commitment Statement of Participators and design sending by mail or express:

2016 China • Putian International Sculpture Exhibition Organizing

Committee (Visitor Center of Shouxi Park, Licheng North Road, Chengxiang District, Putian City, Fujian Province; zip code: 351100).

    c. Email: 2015964712@qq.com

    d. The official Weibo:

2016 China • Putian International Sculpture Exhibition

    e. Wechat ID: ptgjdsz

    f. The official website:

 http://www.ptjsj.gov.cn/ (Putian Construction Information Website)

    g. The official cooperate website

l  Putian Municipal People"s Government website: http://www.putian.gov.cn/

l  Fujian Housing and Urban and Rural Construction website: http://www.fjjs.gov.cn/

 China Sculpture Institute official website: http://www.csin.org.cn/

 Sculpture Online official website: http://www.diaosunet.com

 China Sculptor Association  official website: http://www.chinadiaosu.cn


2016 China • Putian International Sculpture Exhibition Organizing Committee

May 25th., 2016


Annexes(click to download):

I. 2016 China • Putian International Sculpture Exhibition Registration Form

II. 2016 China • Putian International Sculpture Exhibition Commitment Statement of Participators

III . An Overview of Putian


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